How Do I Start GDI?
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Understanding What's Appealing...

Learn to Do Appealing things for people.


   Great! I'm Excited! I think you are too? You also Should be! You're here to get started. You've Joined GDI and you have your Username and password. Write them down and don't lose them.

VERY IMPORTANT: First, quick note, you really want to invest 15 to 20 minutes here on this webpage so you can learn the material. If you can have it memorized, its even better. `Do you have a pen & notepad to take notes? Lastly, before you leave this page, You really want to exit through 1 out of the 3 Doors (DON'T Exit this Page by going to the X on top right corner.)

You EXIT by going to;

  • back to your Gdi member's area- I'll call it Door #1...
  • or, to get additional information about Meeting my Mentor & More Advanced Training (recommended if you want to be a high achiever- high producer)- this is Door #2, near the bottom of this webpage, special 'LIVE' Link that will take you there.
  • or, Go Browse through my website, you see the Tabs on the left- Click On the tab- 'WorkOnceGetPaid4Life' one to start. Explore. You'll See the Possibilities! Do a little DayDreaming...


Now before you get started, I need to tell you a Story about Apples! Basically 3 different kinds of apples. I'm using apples because you'll remember and will identify with this as you build your business. The people out in the world can be broken down into 3 Groups; the RED apple (they LIKE you), GREEN apple (neutral), and the ROTTEN (they Don't LIKE you) apple. So when you're building your networking business you'll easily identify them, 1 of these 3 apples!

<> The RED Apple person: is usually Open Minded, very positive, has a Can Do Type attitude, very charming, sort of magnetic, and usually Asks questions. These are the kind of people (RED- ready to Join type people) you want in your downline.

<> The GREEN Apple person: is Sour, sort of uneasy, skeptical, Arms crossed if you watch them, doesn't ask question many questions, perhaps won't even answer your calls. But they are somewhat slightly receptive. These will Join you whenever they make up their mind. They just haven't seen their Vision in the Journey yet. Work with them but Don't count on them...

<> The ROTTEN Apple person: You're talking to them in person... They say "No". You ask them a question, they are hesitant to answer. Sometimes Rude. Arms crossed and criss crossed. Don't Waste your Time on trying to convince them. Just WALK AWAY, No actually Run! Go find yourself another person to talk to.

So try to identify these 3 types of people out there in the world when you're dealing with people in person or on the phone.



So lets get started, I want you to think and tell me which is more appealing to you. Let say, for example, you received an unknown email message from an unknown company or You received a phonecall from a Excited Friend who briefly explains what he saw but advises you he'll send you the information or you received an email message from an acquaintance or a friend without a phonecall?

Which out of these 3 methods you would Most Likely NOT Open the message? ...Think... probably the unknown email from unknown company.

The remaining methods are percieved better, especially the one where you get a phone call first and then you check your email for that certain message.

So you keep this in mind. Don't just send Info to people through the "Invite System" in your member's area  without Calling them first. Be excited about this! This is a Win-Win for everybody! Instructions for the 2 Min. Phone Method is down below!

You can send regular personal emails from your regular email account just be sure to put in a clickable link that goes to Your replicated gdi website.



To Go to your Member's area; -Your GDI Member's Area...   << Click Door #1 here.

INSTRUCTIONS: I use [ CLASSIC 1/ Combination/ English ] and I recommend you do the same to start for right now. You can Observe it there, by pointing your Cursor Arrow on the left column and then Looking in the right preview column in your PreView pane in member's area, Tab- My Replicated website.

When you send out this website url link;   wwwWebsiteWs/yourusername

it will play a brief 4 minute Teaser Video prompting the New Viewer to submit or

input their name and email, then they can watch the balance of video presentation- the 2nd one which is the 10 minute Animated one with the Candy Apple RED Ferrari cruising through the countryside.

*** This does 2 things for you; It provides proof to you (you Get a Lead Contact from Gdi instantly) that this viewer was serious enough to submit his or her name, email address, & perhaps a phone number. PLUS in addition a corporate Gdi autoresponder gets triggered- Michael Starr has his own series of SEVEN (7) follow up drip emails sent out on your behalf over the next 2 weeks. You'll be provided Lead Contact information whenever that Green Ticket Form is completed.

Note; If you get No Lead Contacts from Gdi, it just means nobody is serious enough to Fill Out that Green Ticket Form. This means they Did Not Watch the 2nd Video.



Subject Line Area:         YOU GOT TO WATCH THIS 39 Min. VIDEO...

Hello Friend,

I was on the internet a couple days ago. I went over here and discovered this concept- WOGPFL or INCOME FOR LIFE. Then I was told to go over here to Watch this KOOL Video and boy, I was impressed!

I wanted to Share this with you, so you don't Miss Out on this as well. I Joined Up and it should make Sense to you, too. Then you should join up as well.

You see Facebook doesn't pay you. (even though Mark Z. is a billionaire) Twitter won't pay you. Yahoo, Gmail, and Msn also won't pay you.

This company will. You MUST WATCH this AWESOME VIDEO... & Do the green ticket form to Watch Video #2 & you get more detailed information.

ClicK here now =>

  (Just replace eco101 with your UserName)


Best regards,

Your name

your phone number


= end of sample ===================================================

~Make sure you put your Username behind the /___________________

so it linked & credited to you when they Join Up.

(Note: You don't get confirmation if they ever Watched this Freedom Video. You get confirmation if they fill out the Green Ticket Form. Therefore You MUST Follow Up with them! Ask them What they Enjoyed about the Video.... Start a Conversation with them AND later ASK Them to Join Up... Stress the 7 Days Free Trial Period.) 



If you have their email address and they're still strangers to you. You may want to Send them another Website-  so  they can Watch the 1st short introductory video (4 min long). The couple in the Video will Ask your Visitor to complete the Green Ticket Form, so the Visitor then can Watch the 2nd part of the Video AND you get PROOF that they did. The 2nd part is the "Clipboard Presentation" one, sort of cartoonish & animated kind about (10 minutes long), Michael Starr & his assistant in the Red Ferrari driving through the countryside.

This is Ideal to Send to complete strangers or place this specific link in an Ad online.


Now you can also Send out in your regular email this other link; wwwFreedomWs/eco101  .... this plays the entire video without them inputting their contact informatin. You send this out to people who you already have their email addresses and you DO NOT need their contact info, and you choose not to have corporate GDI to send them any follow up drip emails...

This way you have No Proof if they ever Watched the Full Video, I call this the 39 minute FREEDOM VIDEO. I use this only for people who have watched shorter GDI Video several times and then ReSend this 39 min longer version. This one takes them from A to Z, shows a lot of great information, they'll probably watch the little 'testimonial' little players as well so you don't have to try to explain it to your new people. Give your new Contacts about 50-60 minutes to get through all of this, then Follow Up preferably with a phonecall

I use this one quite often... its very open & easy to use. I figure if people Watch.. they Watch .... if they Don't Watch... its their Loss- not mine. But keep in mind I still have their email address AND  I'll resend it to them again in about 1-2 weeks. Maybe it wasn't good timing for them or something... Use it. Its Very Powerful. This is the FREEDOM Video.  wwwFreedomWs/YourUsername



There is also this one wwwMyWS/eco101 ... they put the Green Opt In Form Box upfront, Asking the visitor to input their information first.... No preview of any kind... before they Watch the Video- "Clipboard Presentation"...  I find it Quite rigid & Stricter! But the results are fantastic! Automatic follow up 7 emails are done by corporate GDI...  Its a Powerful Automated System. You just Invite the Viewer...


Then there is wwwMoneyWs/eco101 and wwwMovieWs/eco101 ... its identical to wwwWebsiteWs/eco101 .... some people may click on money or movie or website.... Whatever is Appealing to them.... Experiment here, try sending wwwMoneyWs/eco101 out and see their response rate..  or try wwwMovieWs/eco101  and see their response rate...  or try wwwWebsiteWs/eco101 and see response rate.

When I'm placing Ads on craigslist, I use the MovieWs/YourUsername or MoneyWs/YourUserName quite often...  Just experiment yourself.

<> DO NOT Use wwwWebsiteWs/YourUserName in Craigslist ads. I use this one in my outgoing personal emails or text messages to others. 



PHONE METHOD: You need to make a paper LIST of names. Add a person's Name & number to this list. Keep this list growing daily. After you Worked that name, cross them off the list.

INVITE 3 People to Actually SEE (WATCH) Your Freedom Video on a per day basis.

You can pick up the phone (2min.) and place some calls right away to your friends, family, and peers. All you have to DO is to GET THEM TO VIEW THE VIDEO. That's it!  Be Excited and Tell them you saw something Very Unique and there's NO Competition in this. The POTENTIAL is MIND BLOWING.... then give them Your Access Code, you MUST which will be your UserName and Instruct them to WATCH the FREEDOM 39 min. Video at this unlinked universal powerful website, it becomes linked upon the input of your Access Code; 


<> If you are new here, Have you Seen the GDI 'Testimonials' Link? Here is mine-  `All you have to do is changeout the eco101 to your username and then you can Send it out in your personal emails or text messages.


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 Thanks for reading this. Now go DO your phonecalls & email writing work & text messaging work & writing excellent Ads for online placement!  :-)


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