Outline of Road Map
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 "I would rather have one percent

 of 100 people's efforts

  than 100% of my own."       

                                             -Famous Quote by Andrew Carnegie





Welcome Newest Active Member, `Are you reading my emails?

When you got Exposed to this Business through me or through members of my team, I'm positively sure you seen a lot of Information and you are here today "To Learn How You CAN Participate in Doing this Business alongside with us."

Here is a Road Map of websites you may have Visited, if you haven't visited a particular site... then go and click on it to review it. I'm going to teach you to Lead your people to See different Information parts of this entire business... (REFER BACK to this webpage often or simply Copy it & that way you can check off as each new member in your downline sees it)

Here is the LIST! Have you seen these yourself?;

  1. the MAIN GDI Video (replicated) & (empty platform to build out your own custom website for personal or business use) & Tools in the BackOffice to use  
  2. the Worldsite GDI video
  3. the Fun Mental Exercise lower page
  4. the "Delicious" page- learn 'Residual Money' Value here...
  5. if they're unsure of GDI
  6. sample of email for beginners to send
  7. invite page for PPT website (training)
  8. No Money to Join up
  9. little cost to no cost marketing
  10. marketing 101 (million dollar idea)
  11. Meet my Millionaire Mentor 26min-YouTube [$7 CD ...Click here.] 
  12. actual Training website where All start & inexpensive business cards
  13. MAIN INVITE Page for PPT Training & Questionaire
  14. Leaderboard GDI Contest===== CALL ME!
  15. the corporate main site for your replicated Trivita website
  16. the "Chocolate" page- Learn about Trivita from my perspective- 6 blogs...
  17. Your TOOLS in BackOffice in Trivita... (for members only) ... Will be provided when you Join up.
  18. Archived RECORDED Calls & Corporate information... Register there.
  19. Custom made websites, consulting, and creation of marketing systems by AWDOM... my other company
  20. more information automatically provided to you in my training about custom made websites & marketing system (AWDOM), Line # 14...
  21. Click in website for consultation, I charge a $25 deposit which will be credited when you become my client. Explore more by clicking the special paypal button there.
  22. Your access to backpage- free account  ...Click here for BP...
  23. Need Help in Creating your Ads?  ...Click this...
  24. Seen my 1240 Plan? If you don't have one of my marketing systems, do learn more about this one...  ...Click to Learn More...




          Best of Success, 

          Greg T Lisoff

          ps. Your business doesn't grow by itself when you're New and if you don't have your 1st level built out... Try to have even 1 person in your business, Ask your upline 'Why'?

          `If you treat this like a hobby- you'll be paid like a hobby.
          Work this Business Very Serious and you're business will pay you serious money! Do this Daily...Good Luck!

          Allow me to take you further inside this business.

          For Serious Training Click here => ...PPT Training...

          More information will be arriving soon as I have more effective material being put together!        


           Disclosure: Your Income & your results will vary according to your work habits, study habits, and the collective action of your network. I cannot guarantee your income. This is Not a job proposal.